Sittande modell

Acke Oldenburg

Photo: Ingvar Larsson

Public art

Eriksdalsskolan in Skövde, graffito, 1955

Stockholm Police house, stucco lustro, 1957. Was torn down in 2003

Sigtuna kursgård, tapestry, 1970

Entrance to Huddinge public bath, dyed concrete,

One day, 1974

Mora hospital, column with mosaic, phorphyry from Älvdalen, 1977–1982

Riksplan in Stockholm, paved ground, 1983

Borlänge Folkets Hus/Hotel Galaxen, al fresco, 1984–85

Myrstugeberget in Vårby, Huddinge, stoneware, Detta är mitt Huddinge, 1985–1991. Received Huddinge commune's Beauty Price in 2012

The Skansen 100 years jubilee postage stamps, 1991

Tingshustunneln in Huddinge, painted clinker, 1995

Liljeholmsberget in Stockholm, decorations in entrances of 11 houses in residential area, squares with ground mosaic, forged porch and wooden sculpture on mountain slope Fröken Ek (can be seen from the highway just south of Stockholm) 1992–1998

Domarringen, Fullersta torg, Huddinge, decorations of entrance hall, 1999

Huddinge Centrum, painted clinker, 2000 ?

The Aguéli Museum in Sala, iron forging, 2000

Scenography and costume

Borås Stadsteater: Vår bakgårds mirakler by Campanelli, director Hasse Råstam, 1966

The Royal Theater, Stockholm: Vigseln (The wedding) by Witold Gombrowicz, director Alf Sjöberg, 1966

The Royal Theater, Stockholm: Tolvskillingsoperan (Die Dreigroschenoper/The Threepenny Opera) by Bertold Brecht, director Alf Sjöberg, 1969

The Royal Theater, Stockholm: Galilei by Bertold Brecht, director Alf Sjöberg, 1974

The Royal Theater, Stockholm: Erik XIV by August Strindberg, director Alf Sjöberg, 1977

The Royal Theater, Stockholm: Colombine by C.J.L. Almqvist, director Katarina Sjöberg, 1982

Nya Skånska Teatern, Landskrona: Lyckliga gatan by Kent Andersson and Bengt Bratt, director Eyvind Andersson, 1997

Nya Skånska Teatern, Landskrona: Kindertransport by Diane Samuels, director Eyvind Andersson, 1998

Acke Oldenburg

22 June 1923 17 October 2005

was a Swedish painter, printmaker and scenographer.

Acke Oldenburg studied for Endre Nemes at Valand School of Arts (Gothenburg) 19471952.

Acke Oldenburg's paintings are represented in Sweden at Nationalmuseum (the National Museum) in Stockholm, Moderna Museet (the Museum of Contemporary Art) in Stockholm, Scenkonstmuseet (the Stage Art Museum), in the Art Museums in Gothenburg, Kalmar and Norrköping and at museums in Malmö, Falun, Linköping, Borås and Skövde.

In 2023 when Acke would have turned 100 years old, we celebrated with two retrospective exhibitions:

Mora Kulturhus, Acke's town of birth, January 14 Februari 25

Fullersta Galleriet in Huddinge outside Stockholm where Acke lived and worked most of his life, March 25 – June 22

Acke is buried in Skogskyrkogården, south of Stockholm

Fröken Ek, Liljeholmsberget

Skansen 100 years,

jubilee postage stamps

Acke Oldenburg during the rehearsal of The Marriage, 1966. Photo: Beata Bergström


First separate exhibition, 1955, Galleri Collibri, Malmö

In Stockholm:

Konstnärshuset, 1960, 1987, 1995

Galleri Blanche, 1973

Galleri Modern, 1985

Sveagalleriet, 1965 and 1969

Grafiska Sällskapet, 1983

Strindbergsmuseet, 2001

Judiska Museet, 2003

Konstakademien, retrospective, 2004

Together with colleagues:

Nya Valand, Liljevalchs konsthall 1958

Valand, Göteborg, Europa, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, 1988

Nya Valand, Karlstad, Länsmuseet, 2003


Scenography quadrennials in Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic), 1971, 1975

Teatro Studio, Warszaw, Poland, 1977

1:st international Gombrowicz festival, Radom, Poland, 1993

Schwarzenberg palace and JNJ Gallery, Prague, Czechslovakia (now Czech Republic), 1995

Janos Pannon museum, Pécs, Hungary 2002